We’re using cutting edge Ethereum technology to protect consumers and brands from counterfeit fashion.

All digital certificates

  • Our smart contract running on the blockchain will produce proof of authenticity for each item of clothing you sell at a touch of a button.
  • Our system is cryptographically secured though multiple layers of security
  • Issue certificates via our admin portal, or automatically via our API or directly on Ethereum

App for the people

  • Get and view certificates for you clothes
  • Compare your collections with friends
  • Get points for attending drops
  • Make wishlists and fantasy outfits
  • Get Recommendations for clothes based on your current wardrobe and wishlists

Engage your customers

  • Advertise via our app
  • Target people based on their clothing preferences
  • Reward customers for attending your drops and events

Resale tools

  • Counterfeiting in rife in the fashion industry, With $450B being lost to counterfeiting a year, resellers and platforms alike want to be able to assure potential customers of their legitmacy. ProveReal will enable resellers :
  • Prove to customers your identity and the fact you hold the clothes/shoes you claim you do
  • Securely transfer certificates of ownership
  • Provide escrow services to boost customer confidence
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